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Does blue hydrogen still have a chance?

Russia’s war on Ukraine has triggered a rethink in German energy policy. Germany’s climate neutrality by 2045 is supposed to be achieved through bridging technologies like natural gas-based hydrogen. This bridge may have been shaken by the war.

In the kick-off event of our 'In dialogue' series we focused on the prospects for blue hydrogen in the German energy transition against the background of uncertain natural gas supplies.

The discussants were:
•  Erika Bellmann from Bellona Germany
•  Jan Klenke from the Association of the Industrial Energy and Power Industry (VIK)
•  Oliver Powalla from the German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND)
•  Jeannette Uhlig from the German Energy Agency (dena)

A poll of participants at the end of the event revealed a very balanced picture - and no consensus.


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