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Public perception and political expectation management

6 September 2022

It is crucial for the energy transition that the market ramp-up of hydrogen technologies gains momentum quickly. This requires widespread public acceptance and support of the new technologies and applications, not only to avoid resistance, but also for positive participation of the involved stakeholders and the general public. Important questions arise: What expectations already exist or are foreseeable regarding hydrogen? What measures can be taken to pave the way for a broadly accepted hydrogen ramp-up and to secure long-term support?

To this end, we organised a half-day virtual workshop on September 6, 2022. 13 representatives from academia, business, public administration and civil society think tanks discussed acceptance issues around a future hydrogen economy. In preparation for the workshop, we provided the participants with a thesis paper, which we then updated on the basis of the workshop discussions.


The workshop was part of the H2-Compass stakeholder dialogue

We organised a total of four workshops, with the first one on import criteria held in April 2022. The second workshop in June 2022 focused on political levers and measures suitable for supporting business models based on domestic hydrogen production. The third workshop, also held in June 2022, was dedicated to the prioritisation of hydrogen applications. The fourth workshop on perception and expectation management in September 2022 concluded the series.

With our workshop series, we continued the stakeholder dialogue initiated in the fall of 2021 with our survey 'Goals and Paths to the Hydrogen Economy 2030/2050'. Around 600 experts from academia, business, civil society and public administration took part in the survey. In October 2022, we organised a major stakeholder conference in order to further reflect on the workshop results.


H2-Compass is a project of acatech and DECHEMA. The project is funded by BMBF and BMWK.